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The Intrigue Solution

Know What You Own, What It's Running, and What It's Exposed To

Intrigue provides you with a comprehensive view of your environment, and actionable intelligence to mitigate risk.


On its own, Attack Surface Management is a core element of your security operations - your early warning system for information security.


Integrated, the intelligence Attack Surface Management generates strengthens many other security programs.


Attack Surface Management also enables innovation, via secure adoption of additional technologies - cloud, mobile, SaaS, IoT.

Intrigue Drives Critical Security Use Cases

Security Operations

Asset Discovery

Incidental Response

Vuln Management

Threat Intelligence

Brand Protection

Domain Infringement

Phishing Pages

Social Media Impersonation

Fake Mobile Apps

3rd Party Monitoring

Cloud Services

Vendor Risk Management

M&A Assets

Supply Chain Partners

IT Asset Management

Asset Monitoring

Shadow IT

Vuln Management

Incident Response

Remote Workforce

Asset Discovery


VPN Termination

Web Content Filtering


Resource Management

Risk Management

HIPPA, PII, Section 889

GDPR, Audits

Our Customers

At Intrigue, we will do everything we can to ensure your success

When you partner with Intrigue, you’re getting the most comprehensive and flexible solution available for Attack Surface Management, and you’re joining an active community of security professionals committed to making you successful.

To optimize security operations and ensure a focus on the most critical vulnerabilities, it is essential that an organization receive actionable intelligence to quickly analyze any threat and immediately assess both its importance and the degree of exposure within their environment. This process used to be very manual, time-consuming, and error prone - now an organization can just use Intrigue.”

Greg Martin
GM of Security at Sumo Logic and Former Cyber-security Advisor to NASA, the FBI, and the Secret Service

Intrigue Benefits the Entire Enterprise

From the perimeter to the core, Intrigue empowers your team to stay ahead of the threat


Hardens core elements of security operations and risk management, threat detection and prevention, and appsecurity

IT Exec

Enables safe tech adoption for digital business acceleration, remote and distributed work, secure IT services


Drives Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)


Manages risk assessment and issue resolution when finding, fixing, and preventing application vulnerabilities

Vuln Mgmt

Orchestrates the process of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating software vulnerabilities

Red Team

Discovers gaps in security controls to determine if an organization is successfully protecting its most important assets


Surfaces problems within controls across a security program to determine if the system functions as it should

Risk Mgmt

Adds controls and insight necessary to manage and adhere to governance requirements and report on compliance