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Our Customers

At Intrigue, we will do everything we can to ensure your success

When you partner with Intrigue, you’re getting the most comprehensive and flexible solution available for Attack Surface Management, and you’re joining an active community of security professionals committed to making you successful.

To optimize security operations and ensure a focus on the most critical vulnerabilities, it is essential that an organization receive actionable intelligence to quickly analyze any threat and immediately assess both its importance and the degree of exposure within their environment. This process used to be very manual, time-consuming, and error prone - now an organization can just use Intrigue.”

Greg Martin
GM of Security at Sumo Logic and Former Cyber-security Advisor to NASA, the FBI, and the Secret Service

It is one thing for Intrigue to say we’re a great partner, but it means a lot more coming directly from those who have been successful using our product.

We are very thankful that we have contributors, partners, and customers who are willing to endorse our solution and share their experiences with you.

Intrigue enables organizations to maintain strict security protocols while adapting to COVID related work mandates

“My job is to define, Implement, and share security best practices across large multinationals and government agencies.  When COVID hit, and stay at home orders were rapidly mandated, these huge organizations were all scrambling to find ways to keep functioning, to enable their employees to work effectively in a now fully remote environment.  

Of course, what happened was a mad rush to adopt any and every tool for communication and collaboration. Things like SaaS, mobile devices, cloud data storage, and home networks all flooded the work environment with minimal governance and little regard for security. Organizations had no idea what they had running, let alone how to secure it.  

Intrigue was an essential service during this time. It was the only solution available that could keep up with the pace of change, to effectively discover and analyze these assets and then continually monitor them for any exposure. Intrigue enabled some of the largest organizations in the world to maintain strict security protocols in the middle of one of the most challenging and disruptive times in recent history.”

Daniel Bardenstein
Digital Services Expert, Defense Digital Service, and Partner at Foresight Partners

You’re in Good Company

Trust is hugely important when you’re selecting a partner for something as critical to your security and ongoing viability as Attack Surface Management

Greg Conti
Cofounder and Principal at Kopidion, Black Hat Trainer, and Founder of the U.S. Army Cyber Institute

Intrigue provides “amazing” detail on your attack surface and your third party vendors, supply chain partners, and technology providers

To truly address today’s enterprise cybersecurity challenges, each organization must deeply understand, monitor, and manage its multidimensional attack surface. These insights guide risk assessment and security control placement to create defensible infrastructure.

The beauty of Intrigue is that it provides amazing detail on the attack surface and defensive posture not only of your organization, but importantly, that of other organizations you depend upon, like your vendors, supply chain, and critical infrastructure sector. What we think is our organizational attack surface always differs from the reality. Intrigue allows defenders to learn the truth of their attack surface quickly and easily.”

Moses Frost
Security Architect, SANS Instructor, and Maker Of Finely Made, Hand Crafted, Artisanal, Bespoke Exploits

Many organizations are still blind to attack, as classic security tools were not designed to identify risk in an ecosystem where cloud-first is the default

Some of the most well-funded and largest organizations on the planet find themselves in a scenario where they still are blind to the exposures in their organization. Is it because of a lack of trying, a lack of people, or perhaps a lack of budget? Why do these organizations still find themselves discovering vulnerabilities through external means?

Classic security tools were not designed for today’s requirements, to fully identify risk in an ecosystem where cloud-first is the default. This is why a solution like Intrigue is so essential to any organization. It is an integrated system that can support a cloud-first environment and provide organizations the information and visibility they need to stay ahead of the attackers that are looking to exploit whatever you may have missed.”

Intrigue is an extremely comprehensive asset discovery and security assessment platform that provides its users with an early warning to effectively mitigate risk.

Whether you’re running Purple Team exercises trying to break into and defend the enterprise or you are full-time on an incident response team working to quickly identify, analyze, and remove any threat, a core requirement is to understand the composition of your attack surface.  

You need to know what assets you have in order to establish a strong security posture - and with the adoption of cloud services, SaaS applications, and supply chain integrations, that basic task has gotten more and more difficult.  

Intrigue is an essential part of your security operations, as it not only creates a very detailed infrastructure mapping across all types of assets, but it also continually monitors known threats, and then alerts an organization to potential exposure.  Intrigue is an extremely comprehensive asset discovery and security assessment platform that provides its users with an early warning to effectively mitigate risk.”

Chris Gates
Red Team Manager at Robinhood

Andre Gironda
30+ year Cybersecurity Veteran, Contributor to NIST, OWASP, Center for Internet Security,SANS, and StackExchange

Intrigue is a unique and valuable solution that enables me to both monitor day to day operations and quickly identify, analyze, and respond to any vulnerability

I’ve been engaged in Internet Security since 1996, and across the years I've never run into a platform like Intrigue.  Intrigue is a unique and valuable solution, as it enables me to both monitor and manage day-to-day operations within my environment, and quickly identify, analyze, and respond to any vulnerability scenario.  I can see historical and current views of my environment in super detail and then forecast what could happen in the future.  Intrigue helps me effectively anticipate and mitigate risk.”

Chris Nickerson
CEO and Information Security industry veteran focused on Red Teaming and Adversarial Modeling

Intrigue can augment red team assessments and enable clients to quickly understand their attack surface, identify vulnerabilities, and better secure their networks

The Lares team conducts world-class red-team assessments to help organizations better defend and protect their critical data and key information systems.

We use Intrigue to augment our assessments and provide us with insight into attack vectors as they appear.  When we share access with clients - we find that they can quickly understand their attack surface, identify vulnerabilities, and ultimately use this insight to better secure their networks ahead of our assessments.”

Adrian Sanabria
Senior Research Engineer at CyberRisk Alliance

Attack Surface Management evolved to fill a gap between Vulnerability management and penetration testing

Attack Surface Management was born out of necessity, with the recognition that existing security tools are unable to effectively discover and map an organization’s assets.

Traditional vulnerability management offerings consistently miss assets, and penetration tests occur too infrequently to reliably fill that gap.

I've yet to find a case where an organization used a solution like Intrigue, and wasn't surprised by some significant discoveries.”