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Jonathan Cran

Founder and CEO

Attack Surface Management

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Introducing Intrigue Technologies

May 25, 2021

Empower Security With Unparalleled Insight into Software, Services and Vulnerability Detection

As a security professional responsible for defending your enterprise and facing an increasing number of sophisticated threats in a diverse and increasingly cloud-first environment, it is essential that you have the broadest and deepest understanding of your attack surface. 

That is why we are so excited to announce our new service, Intrigue Technologies - a powerful new tool for Attack Surface Management, available immediately and included in your existing Intrigue subscription.

Intrigue Technologies Provides Comprehensive Intelligence on Your Attack Surface

Intrigue already gives our customers the most comprehensive view of their attack surface - across assets and vulnerabilities.   Now, Intrigue Technologies strengthens these existing services and adds another valuable dimension to understanding your attack surface. Using over 8,000 unique hardware and software detections and our global intelligence on over 120,000 organizations, this is the in-depth view security teams require to protect their own organizations.

While Intrigue Entities is an inventory and analysis of unique assets discovered in your defined collection, and Issues identifies and prioritizes misconfigurations and vulnerabilities found within the network, now Technologies provides an aggregate view of specific applications and services across the enterprise.   

Intrigue Technologies can be used to create an overview of the composition across the extended enterprise - both applications and services  - and enables a drill-down into any listed technology to understand, for example, which assets run a specific technology and where any vulnerabilities may exist.  You can define custom queries and reports and aggregate the results by technology name, vendor, and custom labels to view the data you need, immediately, all in one place.

Intrigue Technologies Supports Critical Use Cases With No Additional Work Required

By using Intrigue Technologies, you can quickly assess the extent of exposure you have to any technology specific vulnerability.  Simply review your Technologies dashboard to determine which assets are running the exposed application or service.  You can also use Technologies to validate that a fix has been implemented across all instances of a specific technology in your network, and that an issue has been successfully resolved. 

Another added benefit to Technologies is that there is no additional work or configuration needed on your part.  When you create and run a new Collection or refresh an existing Collection, the Technologies information will be automatically revealed. 

Your Success Is Important To Us

Our objective is to enable our customers to achieve 100% asset visibility and accurate discovery of risk due to active software vulnerability and configuration error.  Technologies is a big step towards meeting that goal.

Questions? Please reach out via email or join us on Slack.  We’re happy to help.

For an inventory of all the technologies Intrigue will discover and monitor, visit the Intrigue Explorer.