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We empower security to enable innovation

At Intrigue, our core objective is to help customers identify assets and manage modern networks as effectively as possible, without getting in their way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the long-standing need for superior asset and vulnerability discovery mechanisms, foundational for managing assets and mitigating information security risks.

“Intrigue began with the idea that security teams must be able to scale to enable innovation while also managing an ever-growing and changing attack surface. To do this well, however, requires deep visibility of assets and awareness of their exposure to threat actors.  In this transitional moment, where technology is becoming more dynamic and distributed, and in the wake of yet another unprecedented wave of breaches, the problem becomes increasingly more challenging and more important.“

“The founding team at Intrigue has spent years in the trenches exploring the problem set and building our open core.  We are excited to now be in a position to expand upon this foundation - investing in our enterprise solution and partnering deeply with our customers.”

Jonathan Cran
Founder and CEO

Our Team

Intrigue was founded in 2019 by Jonathan Cran, ex-Rapid7, Bugcrowd, and Kenna Security, developer of multiple leading security technologies, standards and frameworks.

Intrigue is powered by a diverse team of security experts and an active open-source Intrigue Core community.  We’re academic, and we’re hackers.  We’re enthusiastic, and we stop bad actors.  And we’re not poets.

Our Investors and Advisors are our Partners

We are working together to solve a difficult problem via a simple and usable solution, to provide a lot of value to our customers.

Creighton Hicks


Live Oak Venture Partners

Chris Aniszczyk

Chief Technology Officer

Linux Foundation

Ed Roman

Managing Director

Scott Essler


Straight7, Inc

Greg Conti

Co-Founder & Principal


Anton Goncharov

Chief Product Officer

SOC Prime

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