Enterprise Attack Surface Management

We discover and analyze all Internet assets across an organization's dynamic, distributed environment and continually monitor them for risk

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Intrigue generates the industry’s most comprehensive view of an enterprise’s attack surface.

Intrigue is Your Early Warning System for Information Security

Intrigue generates the industry’s most comprehensive view of an enterprise’s attack surface. It is the only solution for Attack Surface Management that can fully map your entire environment, alert you to all potential threats, and enable you to mitigate any exposures.

Map Your Environment

Calculate Risk With the Most Complete View of Your Attack Surface

See everything an adversary would. Discover all assets, including partner and third party entities. Examine asset composition and understand relationships among all entities.

Monitor Your Assets

Stay Well Ahead of the Threat

Monitor your infrastructure in near real time to detect changes and exposure. Associate known threats to your asset inventory. Eliminate vulnerability from exploits and misconfiguration.

Mitigate Your Risk

Establish Resilient Security Operations Across the Enterprise

Develop actionable intelligence to control your environment. Integrate across your security programs to optimize risk analysis and Incident resolution.

Intrigue Is Purpose Built To Support Dynamic, Distributed IT And The Most Demanding Security Teams

Legacy tools were designed for yesterday, to support static work locations and a limited set of devices and applications running behind a network firewall. Intrigue's solution has the following advantages:


The most comprehensive understanding of your assets, driven by powerful mapping technology.


Superior asset analysis for vulnerability detection, exposure assessment, and risk mitigation


Extensive integration and alignment with all your security programs, 3rd party security tools, and external data sets

Speed and Scale

Unparalleled support for the largest, most complex organizations, enabling rapid, targeted incident analysis


Ongoing asset visibility across your entire ecosystem


Exploration of vulnerability from active threat and misconfiguration


Integrations with data sources and security technologies


Faster asset discovery and threat assessment

Attack Surface Management Has Become Both More Important And More Difficult To Solve

It has rapidly become a top enterprise priority, as massive adoption of cloud, SaaS and mobile across a distributed workforce means an expanding, evolving and changing attack surface subject to an increasing number of sophisticated threats.

More Code in More Places

The explosion of Cloud, SaaS, containers and microservices means more applications in more locations, each with unique security requirements and vulnerabilities.

So Many Devices, So Little Time

Employees are relying on mobile devices to perform their work.  Organizations are adopting IoT devices and sensors to collect and exchange data.

Everyone is Working From Everywhere

Companies are becoming remote first, and employees are using new tools for communication and collaboration, often via unsecured public networks.

Employees are Running the Asylum

Any employee can introduce any of these elements - Cloud, SaaS, mobile devices, random data storage - to the work environment with minimal governance.

Intrigue Speeds Innovation
Through Security

Comprehensive asset discovery and risk mitigation enable safe adoption of new technology and processes that speed innovation. You can protect your perimeter and become more competitive.

Support remote and hybrid work
Accelerate digital business
Manage citizen computing and shadow IT
Embed governance in workflows
Build supply chain resilience
Extend security policy outside the enterprise